Spinning the Wheel of Innovation at RB Wovens Pvt Ltd. - Leading Jacquard Fabric Manufacturer

RB Wovens’ best-in-class infrastructure means we have the latest of imported machines sourced from the most reputed of manufacturers and brands (Dornier and Picanol, Staubli, Karl Mayer and Benninger for all our processes including spinning, warp preparatory, weaving, cutting and sewing. 

Jacquard Linen Fabrics by RB Wovens Leading Jacquard Linen Manufacturer 37
Jacquard Fabric Weaving factory by RB Wovens Pvt Ltd

We source the best cotton from India and around the world to produce the finest yarn using the latest machines. We have 50,000 spindles and specialise in yarn count from 80s - 120s count.We offer compact yarns to achieve lower hairiness and improved mechanical properties to enhance fabric quality and loom performance.

We have the latest imported Autoconers from Muratec and Schlafhorst. Our yarns meet high quality standards and are mainly used in Air jet looms. 

Jacquard Fabric Weaving factory by RB Wovens Pvt Ltd