Institutional Linens by RB Wovens Pvt Ltd - Leading Jacquard Fabric Manufacturer

Sizing, Jacquard Bed Linens Weaving manufacturing by RB Wovens Pvt Ltd

We also offer customized solutions based on individual needs and offer a broad range of products. Our commitment to fine craftsmanship and attention to detail is the hallmark of business.

As the largest manufacturers of wide width jacquard fabrics, we carry excellent pattern weaving capabilities. With the latest technological innovations, competent manpower and an able infrastructure setup to complement, we have the fluency to meet client requirements at every level.

Our line of linen offerings are elegant style statements that offer matchless softness and comfort. We offer bed & linens and engineered jacquard table linens. We bring a durable and distinctive charisma to complement the ‘living experience’ you deserve.

Our high grade products are easily washable, stand the rigour of repeated commercial laundering and are manufactured from the most reliably sourced raw materials under the most stringent norms.


Jacquard Linen Fabrics by RB Wovens Leading Jacquard Linen Manufacturer
Jacquard Linen Fabrics by RB Wovens Leading Jacquard Linen Manufacturer mksjdio

Fade free and shrink resistant, each product is thus a testament to our decades of weaving expertise and the high-end infrastructure we house.

We endeavour to offer the most reliable of products to the most discerning of customers around the world with an eye on offering the best value at a fair price.