Jacquard Bed Linens by RB Wovens Pvt Ltd.

Jacquard Linen Fabrics by RB Wovens Leading Jacquard Linen Manufacturer

Our complete range of home textiles including duvet covers, sheet sets and shams are delicate yet durable style statements that stamp your class, elegance and grandeur. Available in a plethora of colour options and creative designs, our products seek to add a new dimension to your home.

Shrink-free, fade proof and superbly finished, our products offer the best value for money. The rich high quality fabric is the product of the most reliably sourced raw materials, offering you an unmatched comfort.  


As the largest manufacturers of wider width jacquard fabrics, we carry excellent pattern weaving capabilities.  With the latest technological innovations, competent manpower and an able infrastructure setup to complement, we have the fluency to meet client requirements at every level.  

High in quality and style, our offerings are thus unique set pieces that are easy to maintain whilst spoiling you for choice. Carefully tailored, finely woven and beautifully hemmed, even the smallest details do not escape our products!

Jacquard Bed Linens Weaving fmanufacturing by RB Wovens Pvt Ltd
Jacquard Linen Fabrics by RB Wovens Leading Jacquard Linen Manufacturer mksjdio


Quietly sophisticated, yet astoundingly simple, our range of bedsheets is the product of the finest selection of yarn. Smooth, yet luxurious, in feel, give a twist to your contemporary living space with our range of ultra-versatile and elegant bedsheets.