Social Responsibility at RB Wovens Pvt Ltd. - The Leading Jacquard Fabric Manufacturer

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Being socially responsible is a part of the everyday lexicon at RB Wovens, it is just who we are; it’s where we came from. And we delight in taking an integrated approach to what we do with a long-term vision that encompasses our community and the generations to follow.

Sustainable Living - We are proud to say that we have achieved 100% positive carbon footprint.  Our factories and office complexes are completely powered by wind and solar.  Our solar and wind farms generate twice the amount of energy consumed by our production and office facility.  We have also implemented extensive rainwater harvesting facilities throughout our factory. As a conservator, we ensure that we are not a burden to our community.

Our workforce is mainly from local communities, people looking for stability, gainful employment and opportunity to develop a skill. We seek to fulfill these needs by providing quality products for our clients. We comply with all regulatory and statutory requirements, with a commitment to balance business needs and a sustainable livelihood with minimal environmental impact. RB Wovens has implemented a number of programs to ensure holistic employee welfare.

Further, we have taken a number of voluntary steps in trying to empower local communities and provide them various facilities in education and health.